BIPOC Community Page - - "How to Make it in Show Biz" Inaugural Post!


The saying goes "You only get one chance to make a first impression." - but not in this biz! Thanks to so many networking opportunities we are constantly meeting new people... Or so we think. 

Never be offended if the person you've met a few times doesn't remember you. This is your second chance to make a first impression. Gently remind someone your name and where you met them and don't sweat it when they barf out, "Yeah, I remember." Later, have a think about why you didn't make your mark last time and how you can change that next time: Were you being a wallflower while they talked to someone else? Are they experiencing a moment and are being bombarded with a load of intros? Or are they just absentminded artists types (personally, I like to blame that one for my crap memory) who can't hold a face or a name in their head?

Here's a practical situation: The person you want to meet is talking to someone else - who is taking up all their time. Is the person hanging with their friend? Start chatting with the friend while you wait. The next time you see the person you want to network with that friend, you're more likely to be reintroduced. 

However, making a bad first impression usually hinges on coming on too strong and asking for something before the time is right. Think about it this way, a practical stranger who wants your job walks up to you, tells you how much they love you, asks for your email, and then asks you help them move? I think I made my point. Remember this is a long game! Building relationships are more important than getting your personal needs met. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this first Hot Tip in the comments, and I would love feedback if this advice this has been helpful, or if there is anything you want me to elaborate on!