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The player's son

Gillian Müller's original series:

A sports agent, living the life of basketball, fast cars, and hot women must negotiate fatherhood when his 14-year-old son comes to live with him for the first time. When he sees his son has been trying to emulate his lifestyle, he realizes both of them need to change.

CFC Creates - Player's Son



previous productions

x company

Trailer for X Company Season 3, produced by Temple Street Productions, Gillian Müller served as the Showrunner's assistant. 

Night owl

Trailer for the webseries Night Owl, created by Rebekah Miskin. Produced and Co-Directed by Gillian Müller.



The trailer for Brad Wright's 2016 original series that Gillian Müller developed while she was at the Canadian Film Centre, she wrote episode 102 named "Protocol 6" -- Watch it now on Netflix.