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Holiday Edition of "How to Make it in ShowBiz"

Tis the season of giving, receiving, and making resolutions to start the year off on the right foot.

As much as I want to support you in your task to get in shape and live vice free - we both know that's some basic stuff. WE can do better.

So here's a pitch that's going to make you look good, feel good and might even help your career along the way.


You got money?

Donations are an amazing way to give back (obvi), there isn't a film festival, organization or fund in the world won't take your hard earned dollars. Email them with the subject line "DONATION" and watch how fast they will get in touch.

I would encourage you to give money to organizations who do free community screenings, or who - in turn - donate to or are representative of marginalized communities themselves.

Don't got cash dollars?


Someone helped you to get to where you are and now you're needed to continue the course. Start with an offer right here on this page - Know how to cut your own bangs? Have a great trick for self-tapes?

Meet in public in a neutral neighbourhood. Do it once a week, month, season - whatever your schedule will allow.

Don't forget that mentorship isn't just about notes on your script, how to light an outdoor scene or meeting important people, it's also about grabbing advice for work-life balance, creating an Instagram following, how to apply for grants, or what the best shoes are for set.


As I mentioned above there are a lot of film festivals, organizations, and community projects that need volunteers for everything. Consider helping them put together a free screening for school groups, a luncheon for new creators, an update on their website.

A lot of the time things don't get done because there's no one to do it. If you have an idea and the time, and they have the reputation and the infrastructure you're a match made in heaven. Consider the free Black Panther screenings that happened all over the city, someone had to put that together. The next one could be you.


Many groups are volunteer-run and working with a donated budget. That is usually the explanation for it can take a while before we see real difference. So when you see a change that needs to I would encourage the response - "I'm going to write a letter", "I'll promote the call to action", "I can host a meeting" etc. We have noticed the amazing drive and forward motion and want to encourage individual action and the use of this space to organize good work.

Now I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this is the VERY reason why we wanted to start an etiquette post. There is a fine line between ACTIVISM and CRITICISM, so before you go out and buy a roll of stamps:

---- OUR GIFT TO YOU: We're not afraid to get our hands dirty and YOU (as an individual) shouldn't have to. You want to get something heard without putting a target on your back? Send it to us and we'll figure out a good way to rock the boat for you/us/the future of the industry.----


Over the next year, we are going to get chances to prove our worth and I want to remind everyone that we are still responsible for our own gratitude practices. For some of us who have been working hard and long to get noticed, once we get our shot we tend to jump in, both feet and get the work done. I want to gently remind you that just because you were mentored doesn't mean the person who helped you out doesn't also need support. When you get a gig thank your mentor, drop a name, don't forget that you can recommend someone junior OR senior to you if your employer is looking for more staff. Everybody needs to know they had an impact in someone's life, never feel too shy to say - You made this happen for me and this is how I'd like to thank you.

Don't have time or money?

STAY VOCAL - standing up for yourself is standing up for the community,

STAY PROUD - remember your words shape how folks see us, use positive language,

STAY INFORMED - keep up on current events and media that supports the cause,

STAY INTERSECTIONAL - keep diversity diverse, we are stronger together,

STAY THE COURSE - We need you to never EVER give up.


- Share your knowledge and opportunities

- Always say Please and Thank You

- Give your time/money openly

- Everyone has something to give

- You matter and you can make a difference

- Building the community is building a place for yourself

In the new year, we are going to jump into more tips, tricks and ways to get ahead, but we always want to hear from you. Send in your questions and share your ideas and thoughts on this page.


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