With crowdfunding becoming saturated and fewer grants available, how would you recommend a filmmaker fund even a shoestring budget?

This is a huge question that I think we should break up into parts. Crowdfunding, grants and what I'm going to call "Doing it anyway."

I'm an old-school film kid from the 90s so my indie spirit lives large in this question! John Waters is my hero! For reals.

Let's start with crowdfunding:
We can all agree that it's a necessary evil at this point? It's the safest way for strangers to get you some cash. But there's a reason why they call it a campaign: It is a full-time job. So - Don't do it alone.

The most successful crowdfunding campaigns I've heard of have a lot to do with remembering that social media takes work, it's not a passive tool - it's a conversation - Target your markets, reach out to influencers, never stop working on it. Learn Twitter, open an Instagram account, wrap your head around Houtesuite.

I get it, 'why make a movie about making a movie to get money to make the movie?' -- Um: FOR FREE MONEY! Make the movie, shut up and do the work. Get those Elizabeths!

If you don't have time to run this campaign bring on someone who does this for a living and build their payment into the funds you're going to get.

Keep the faith. It's a safe way for people to give you cash to make your art. If it's not working it's a great lesson on how your film is going to do after you go to camera. Are you marketing it wrong? Having a conversation no one wants to join in on? What do you need to do to make your film stand out in the crowd? That's part of making a movie as much as writing the script. Worst case scenario: only one auntie gives you $50 bucks - at least you know she loves you.

Who else has crowdfunding tips? I KNOW ALL OF YOU HAVE, AT LEAST, OPINIONS. Let's share some knowledge!

Gillian MullerComment