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How to Make it in Show Biz - HOT TIP:

Here’s the minimum amount of work you have to do to help pave the way for your work to be supported by the people with the money: Rate it.

IMDb, iTunes - I’m sure there’s another kind of rating system I have no idea about. Sign-in, give it five stars leave a comment saying you wish there was more movies like this or if there was a tv show like this when you were a kid you would have felt more included in the world etc.

The medium amount of work: rent it, buy it, see it in the theatre. Post about it, tell your buds. Then review it. Follow the film maker on social media. Retweet them. This one takes a little bit more time but nothing replaces the thrill of having a hero like ya back.

The most amount of work: organize a viewing party, screening, or a field trip to the cinema. Some one mentioned the success of Hidden Figures is attributed to church groups organizing Sunday afternoon movie trips. If you’re missing a community - start one here: Movie club - tonight’s the last screening of Black Cop at Yonge-Dundas 9:50 - who’s going?

We now know that the powers that be are FINALLY using Internet reviews, social media analytics and IMDb ratings to see how popular something is. If you see a webseries that’s like your webseries - support it, because the money people won’t feel like your series isn’t so risky!

Gillian Muller