Bad at Blogging

So it has come to my attention that I am, apparently the worst blogger of all time ever. In the last week, three separate people have told me that I need to get back to blogging. I get it, but I’ve never been much of a journaler - that’s not a word is it? … but you know what I mean. See, that’s how bad I am, I don’t even know words.

“Dear Diary…” has been a condescending term that I have thrown at the over-sharers when they try to get personal. I kept track of my thoughts over travelling adventures and written letters with no intention of sharing them to get the pain out. But when those moments are done I would much rather sit down to write a made-up story. I have long admired Anaïs Nin for just writing, warts and all. There is something pure and honest about getting it all out there. But there is something narcissistic as well. 

I cannot count how many ‘writer’ blogs are out there. It has always bugged me that there are so many writers writing about writing and NOT. ACTUALLY. WRITING. Specifically, those screen blogs that talk about how hard it is to break into the business, that no one is reading your stuff, that no one is giving you the respect that you think you deserve and – dear diary, dude. Dear Diary. That’s your story, not mine.

No writer who is successful enough to have mastered the Three Easy Steps to Selling Your Screenplay has the time write a blogpost every damn day. And if they do, that means they are not spending the right amount of time on your coverage, so don’t give them money.

So why should I write I blog? Clearly, I have a short fuse, little respect and think that anyone who spends time writing out their own opinion is a self-centered jerk… But who cares about what I think. 

Oh wait. I do. This blog is for me, to hash out my POV not to force my opinion as fact. If you keep reading, you’ll see that I’m as contradictory as they come. But that may be my version of warts and all.

I am bad at blogging, she wrote in her blog post before asking you to come back every Friday for a new one.